S.W.I.F.T. remittances

S.W.I.F.T. remittances



SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) is an interbank system of information transfer and payment worldwide. Due to SWIFT it is possible for making a remittance abroad to the account of both a natural and legal person.

SWIFT remittances are convenient for:
• paying for treatment in medical institutions in a foreign country;
• payment for studying and internships in educational institutions in a foreign country;
• paying for participation in international seminars, exhibitions, cultural and sporting events taking place in foreign countries territories;
• booking of hotel rooms, apartments;
• paying for production, services acquired from non-residents abroad for personal consumption;
• sending funds to relatives and friends.

The transaction period is from 1 to 3 working days.


Sending a SWIFT remittance 0,5% from remittance amount in UAH at the NBU rate on the transaction day
minimum commission is 20,00 USD
maximum comission is 200,00 USD
Receiving a SWIFT remittance 0,8% from remittance amount in UAH at the NBU rate on the first debit transaction day


Individuals can make FX-remittances outside Ukraine in favor of individuals and legal entities on current non-trading transactions:

• within the amount, the equivalent of which doesn't exceed 400 000 UAH per one operating (business) day, from the account without supporting documents;
• within the amount, the equivalent of which equals or exceeds 400 000 UAH per one operating (business) day, from the current account based by supporting documents.

Supporting documents for individuals for making a SWIFT remittances

• property and income declaration marked by the Ukrainian controlling body, certificate of the relevant state body of Ukraine on the amounts of paid income and paid taxes;
• the documents confirming the purpose of the remittance (contract, account (invoice) and/or other document(s) used in international practice;
• the documents confirming the origin of funds for non-resident individuals.

Requirements for customer details

FX-remittance from individuals abroad can be carried out only under condition if these transactions are carried out for their own needs and not related to business activities.

Details for FX SWIFT remittance:

• recipient bank name and address;
• SWIFT recipient bank code;
• recipient account number (international bank account number - IBAN)
• recipient name (for an individual - full name);
• recipient address;
• payment purpose.

Details for SWIFT remittance in RUR:

• recipient bank name and address;
• recipient bank BIC;
• recipient bank correspondent account;
• recipient name (для for an individual - full name, individual tax number);
• recipient address;
• payment purpose.

Certain E-limits FX remittances

Resident individuals can make FX remittances abroad to carry out certain FX transactions under the NBU E-limit. According to the current legislation, a resident individual can make FX remittance abroad during a calendar year for a total amount not exceeding 200 000 euros (the equivalent of this amount in another foreign currency/hryvnia at the official hryvnia exchange rate to foreign currencies set by the NBU on the date of the relevant transaction).

Resident individuals can use the E-limit within the established limit for carrying out the following operations:

• in order to fulfill its obligations to a non-resident under a life insurance contract;
• for investing abroad;
• to position the funds on own account outside Ukraine.

For more detailed information please contact the nearest regional Branch or call to the Bank's Head Office Individuals Services Dpt.: (0312) 61 98 11 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates)

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