Shopping online are becoming safer with COMINVESTBANK!



Shopping online are becoming safer with COMINVESTBANK!

Ukrainians are increasingly shopping and perforning payments on the Web. With the development of functionality and the growing popularity of payment cards, more attention is needed to protect their owners from fraudsters. That is why the Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK uses the most up-to-date Mastercard security systems.

To ensure reliable and secure methods of payment for goods and services via the global Internet network, use the Internet card from COMINVESTBANK. Due to chip technology, the bank's customers receive the whole range of protective measures, which are valid 24 hours a day. In addition, it should be understood that unique data are transferred during the transaction, which cannot be reused for fraud, and the embedded microchip reliably protects the information from unauthorized persons.

The 3D Secure technology, which provides the highest level of security for card transactions online, remains an ongoing security for a payment card. One of the main advantages of such a system is carrying out an additional identification of the payment card holder, which is provided by the mandatory entering an one-time password by the cardholder, which is automatically sent by the bank in an SMS message to his mobile phone number during the transaction.

The service is provided automatically and free of charge to all customers who have SMS-banking service connected to the card.

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