Happy IT-workers' and programmers' day



Happy IT-workers' and programmers' day


IT-workers' and programmers' day is though unofficial but a very important holiday. There aren't too many people who know that the one is celebrated on the year's 256th day, and this number is no coincidence for programmers. It means the numbers quantaty that can be expressed with a single byte, the smallest addressable memory unit, stored inside many computer architectures.

Usually the "programming process" is associated to us, ordinary people, with the computer and the specialist sitting behind it. However, it is impossible to overestimate the role of computer it-workers and programmers in the modern world: we face the results of their work daily. When we're watch TV, listenning to the radio, or talking by the phone, we're using things created by programmers. Apparently, no other job covers our lives scopes so widely.

This day we want to thank it-workers and programmers for their important work and wish them creative inspiration, strength, patience and whole set of good things.

Happy celebration!

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