The new procedure for foreign exchange transactions within Ukraine implemented.


Dear customers! According to amendments to the Regulations on the organization and carrying out foreign exchange operations within Ukraine introduced by the Decree of the National Bank of Ukraine No 278 from 11.08.2011, effective from September 23, 2011, we inform you:

1. The bank carries out operations for the amount not exceeding 50 000,00 grivnas (UAH) if a passport presents only. Bank employee must specify last name, first name, middle name (if any) a person carrying out the foreign exchange operation in the receipt and capture shooting copies of passport pages.

2. At carrying out of the operations, exceeding 50 000,00 UAH, the bank employee must specify certificates and receipts last name, first name, middle name (if any) a person, passport series and number (other identification document), date of issue and authority issued one, a residence place (registration), registration number of the taxpayer registration card (an identification code). The employee must make copies of the document pages.

3. Bank is prohibited from selling to one person during one banking day foreign currency in an amount exceeding the equivalent of 150 000,00 UAH.

The requirement to store together with documents of the bank operating (working) day the copies of the document pages that identifies the person, that contain data which identifies a person, applies to foreign currency exchange transactions which are carried out as to the amount equivalent to 50 000 as well as transactions exceeding this amount. (Excerpt from a letter to the National Bank of Ukraine from 09.21.2011 No 28-211/3760-11058).

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