From the dream to reality: Miroslav Hisem spoke about the secrets of his success.


Today, May 20, Ukraine celebrates the Day of the bank employee. On the occasion of the professional holiday we have talked to the Chairman of the Board of PJSC "COMINVESTBANK" Miroslav Hisem.

Miroslav Volodymyrovych, more than 20 years you´ve been working in banking. What does this symbolical day mean to you?

- When I started my career in 1994 the banks weren´t popular among the population. Moreover, the confidence had decreased significantly to ones after the resonant disappearance of the deposits and savings in the soviet savings bank. With the gradual increase of the public confidence in financial institutions caused by the economic and social development of the state, the banking system within Ukraine has begun to raise rapidly and gets a well deserved recognition, so the Day of the Bank employee appears in 2004. This is a symbolic turning point to me personally when the banks have ranked high in Ukrainian society.

It is well known that your banking activity directly related to the unique, Transcarpathian only COMINVESTBANK. How does the financial institution have overcome these difficult times and what is the secret of its success?

- It all started with a few employees and a few rooms. We had a dream and desire to work. The Bank is the same age as the country. And during its formation and the development of the business it grows up as well. At first there were some needs and requirements, but over the time the number and volume of banking operations, the complexity of the challenges and opportunities of the bank have increased significantly. We have always tried to act in advance of events overcoming the difficult trials and challenges..
Today COMINVESTBANK assets are more than 1.1 bln. UAH, its branches are in every district of the Transcarpathian region. In addition, the Bank's network is actively functioning outside Transcarpathia, namely in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa and Dnipro.
The basis of our success is the purposeful and conscientious work, the ability to appreciate and cooperate with each customer.
Our clients include large and small regional business companies that has grown with us. Before our eyes the private entrepreneurs turned into the large companies achieved the new levels and dynamically developed.
PJSC "COMINVESTBANK" is engaged in financing and servicing the SME all activities supporting businesses and entrepreneurs of the Transcarpathian region. The main objective we see is attracting the investments to our country, job creation, economic recovery and development of native Transcarpathia.
There is no bank without customers, so we want to thank everyone for their confidence and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation!

By the way, climbing to your office it's hard not to notice how many young people among the employees of the financial institution. Is this an element of the HR policy?

- Yes, you're right. The average age of employees of the bank is for 35 years (!). In addition, the institution holds the gender equality, so the number of men and women is almost the same.
Youth is our driving power. To be within the trend you need to follow the novelties, monitor trends, constantly work on self-improvement and to be proactive. It is these qualities mainly specific to young people.
We try to look for and "grow" experts are still in high school. The Bank regularly cooperates with Uzhhorod National University: we take students to practice, hold joint events, improve material base of the university every year to recruit graduates to work.

It is known that the Bank often takes an active part in the social ¨life¨ of the region. Do you try to help everyone who applies?

- COMINVESTBANK is the only regional bank in Transcarpathia. Our doors are always open, so we actively joined to the projects implemented in the region, participate in charity events, organizing the events, supporting the talented youth, trying whenever possible to help everyone who applies.
The children and young people are among the priorities of course: these are the festivals, competitions, support for sporting events.
I believe that the development of our region depends on each of us by our actions, our words and attitude toward each other.

Economic specialities, including banking are very popular both in Transcarpathia and in Ukraine as a whole. What can you advise for young professionals?

- Just learn the languages! Make yourselves perfected and constantly work on. Be sure to put ambitious goals and step confidently towards ones.

And finally, what would you like to wish your employees and colleagues as to the Day of the Bank employee?

- On the occasion of the professional holiday I wish you all good health, happiness, family well-being and comfort, inexhaustible vitality and optimism.
Let your professional work and dedicated hard work will ensure the new significant achievements, success and victories!
Thank you for the conversation and I join the congratulations!

Talked by Vitaly Rusyn.

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