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We would like to warn customers and partners of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» that some malicious information Internet resource has distorted and revealed the data on performing the country operating banks regulations, published by the National Bank of Ukraine. In particular, the actual performance of the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) value in foreign currency and all types of currencies has been incorrectly cited, pulled out from the context and distorted in the publication.

We would like to inform that COMINVESTBANK had a LCR value below 80% in February 2019 indeed. But we would like to emphasize that Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK has performed all the NBU regulations as of March 25, 2019.

«One issue only happened concerning COMINVESTBANK at the beginning of March as to the plane of the LCR regulations in all currencies, however, due to the prompt reaction of the owner and management, it has been resolved during this month», says Mykola Сhotii, Chairman of the Board.

We would like to warn that if there is re-publishing either on the Internet or in other telecommunications media facilities false data, concerning JSC «COMINVESTBANK» activity or information containing information about any events and phenomena which haven't existed at all or that existed, but the information about the ones is incomplete or distorted, then the Bank files a claim to court with for protecting the honor, dignity and challenge of damage to the business reputation of our Bank.

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