To bank customers attention!


To  bank customers attention!

Dear customers! In recent days, fraudulent SMS messages have been sent on behalf of the bank about the must for urgent updating the keys having the following content:

Dear customer, you need to update the keys to the Internet bank at the link Keys that won't be updated until 22.10.20 . will be blocked. For the details call 044-228-32-79"

The hijackers goal is getting your key files (keys.dat) and the passwords to the ones.

If any of you responded to a fraudulent SMS and "updated" the keys to the address specified in the SMS, please contact the bank immediately for taking measures to eliminate the consequences of leaking your personal data.

Warning! We emphasize and persistently draw your attention to the fact that all messages sent to the Bank's customers without exception about the change of keys are unreliable. The domain is fraudulent. Be careful!

Thanks for understanding.

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