What card better than cash: Top 7 of the facts you need to know.


"How will you pay - in the cash or by the card?" Nobody suprised from this question today. Almost everyone has a bank card, and not even one. These plastic pieces are placed conveniently in your wallet without taking up much space. So what it is better - cash or card?

Modern cards have enough advantages, here are just some of them:
1. Prompt payment for the goods and services in any country of the world at the any time convenient for you.
2. The ability to control your money with precision to the penny: you always see all the expenses in the account statement. And that's a great advantage. After all, paying in cash, often incidentals remained unaccounted: the public transport, then the ice cream when you're walking with your child. No such situation will occur when you use the card: all the payments will be displayed in its entirety.
In addition, COMINVESTBANK offers its customers to monitor the movement of their funds anywhere and anytime using the SMS-mailing: when your account has been changed you receive the message with the exact date, the location and the amount received or taken.
3. There is no necessary for the customs funds declaration while traveling abroad. This is especially true for frontier Transcarpathia.
By the way, according to the bill from November 10, 2015 #3444 the cost threshold for duty-free importation of the goods in hand luggage or accompanied baggage is planned to be reduced down to EUR 430 for the air and sea traffic checkpoints and to 300 euro through other checkpoints. Today the limits are set at 1000 euros and 500 euros respectively.
4. Interest on the balance is a nice bonus from COMINVESTBANK. Keeping money in retirement savings cards you aren't only using convenient payment instrument but you get also the benefit as if your money lay on the bank deposit. So there is always the possibility to use your savings and not to freeze them for a while.
5. The ability to make payments from home without leaving it via the Internet. There is no time for standing in queues within the modern rhythm of the life, indeed, so the card comes to the rescue again.
6. Quick locking the card. If your wallet is stolen or you have lost it, you have the opportunity to immediately lock the card by calling the COMINVESTBANK hotline service. Whereas in the case of cash you would say goodbye to it once and for all.
7. In addition to all the above, it is important to remember that your hands remain the clean when you handle with the plastic card. It's no secret that the paper notes are the carriers of the large number of the infections. Because you never know who has kept the banknotes in the hands before you do so.
In turn, the cards widespread has created a new kind of the fraud, so each user must clearly understand that disclosing the personal data of the cards isn't acceptable.

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