Business should be socially responsible, believe in COMINVESTBANK.


25 years in Transcarpathia - the age-mate of Ukraine of Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK celebrates such a significant date this year. During its own existence, the financial institution has experienced the formation of the banking system of Ukraine as well as its non one-time reform, the time of its prosperity and trials.

The regional bank is a rather rare phenomenon for the Ukrainian economy, but in Europe this practice is quite widespread. Creation of the regional banks for solving certain problems in the different countries had a common goal - the social and economic development of the regions, and, therefore, the state as a whole. The significant role of such institutions is still assigned in such well-known countries as Switzerland, Germany, Italy and many others. The concentration of attention of the regional banks to the needs of residents in a particular region, focusing on its economic situation, a more responsible attitude towards its customers and close relationships with its partners at the highest level certainly play the part for the whole community.

The Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK follows on this principle.

"According to our belief, any business should be socially responsible. COMINVESTBANK is the only regional bank in Transcarpathia. It is home to its management, shareholders and employees who are aware of the society's problems, join and help in resolving ones. The partners of the institutionare all members of the public life of the region for many years - from local authorities to each individual customer with his needs and problematic issues", - says Miroslav Hisem, the Chairman of the Board.

 Business should be socially responsible, believe in COMINVESTBANKBusiness should be socially responsible, believe in COMINVESTBANK

Due the changes to the Constitution of Ukraine in 2015 it has been determined that the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine, among other things, is based on the principles of ubiquity and capacity of local self-government, sustainable development taking into account historical, economic, ecological, geographical and demographic features, ethnic and cultural traditions. PJSC "COMINVESTBANK" as a regional bank is a local financial instrument for implementing the strategic program of the Government of Ukraine on decentralization of the power. The long and successful cooperation of PJSC "COMINVESTBANK" with local self-government bodies is already evidence of the success of the idea of ​​decentralization, the community's ability for resolving regional development issues on its own, and contributing to the economic and social prosperity of our region.

PJSC "COMINVESTBANK" was founded in 1992 and since 1997 it provides services to budgetary institutions of the Transcarpathian region. At present, more than 450 state enterprises, institutions and organizations are in the service of salary projects at the Bank, in particular: the Prosecutor's Office of the Transcarpathian region and the local prosecutor's office, the State Enterprise DFS of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, the economic court of the Transcarpathian region, local self-government bodies (about 40 institutions), a number of medical institutions and institutions of the region, structural subdivisions and subordinate institutions of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, the Lviv Court of Appeal, the General Directorate of the Pension Fund in the Transcarpathian region, the Uzhhorod state music College, the Uzhhorod National University, the Transcarpathian state forestry, which is served by the Bank since 1999.

Today, the payment cards and current accounts in the Bank for salaries have already opened more than 23,000 budget employees and more than 22,400 retirees and recipients of the social assistance in our region, which are completely satisfied with the services provided by PJSC "COMINVESTBANK".

The offices of the COMINVESTBANK are presented in each district of the Transcarpathian region. In addition, the bank's network operates well outside of Transcarpathia, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa and Dnipro. Today, there are more than 400 employees in the state, of which 19 are people with disabilities. The average age of bank employees is 39 years. Besides, the institution maintains gender equality, so the number of men and women is almost the same.

With the financial support of the PJSC "COMINVESTBANK", employees have the opportunity to get a second specialized higher education, applying for documents for raising their qualification level, receiving access to various professional exercises and trainings.

The Bank carries out servicing the faculty, students of the university and the current accounts of the educational institution through the offices network. For the second year in a row, the Bank produces free of charge payment cards for the state budget freshmen, the sponsorship and measures to improve the existing material base of the institution are systemic as well. In addition, the Bank is constantly attached to the education proccess of young professionals. The financial institution holds the lectures and study tours as to its activities, so the employees of the Bank, in turn, systematically participate in the scientific events of the university. By the way, there are 110 specialists among the employees of PJSC "KOMINVESTBANK", and this is 27% of them graduated of this high school.

"PJSC "COMINVESTBANK" is one of our permanent and reliable partners. We are glad to see how our graduates continue their professional life precisely at this institution, where there are wide opportunities for implementation of ambitious plans and career growth", - noted Volodymyr Smolanka, the rector of Uzhhorod National University.

COMINVESTBANK doesn´t stay away from the important events in Transcarpathia. Competent specialists of the Bank are active participants in profile economic forums intended to present the potential and develop business in the region. In particular, during this year, the Bank has joined the presentation of the procedure for lending to small and medium-sized businesses in the regional state administration, employees of the institution organized a business seminar for local entrepreneurs on pricing as well as it constantly participates in large-scale all-Ukrainian forums on the economic topics.

Besides, the Chairman of the Board of the COMINVESTBANK is the first deputy chairman of the Territorial Department Council of the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian Region and a member of the Uzhhorod City Council executive committee and carries out its activities in the specified areas within the existing powers limits.

Among the priorities in Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK's work are the social projects implementation and charity. Nearly half a million hryvnias were spent on these purposes during this year only.

More than 68 thousand UAH have been provided to the needs of individuals, almost 72 thousand UAH have been used to the social projects and supporting the non-profit organizations that care for children and people with any disabilities.

Thus, the effective cooperation has been set up with the Uzhhorod Society for the disabled workers and childhood invalids "Optimist" and the Transcarpathian Regional Center for the Social and Labor Rehabilitation and Professional Vision "Choice", as well as with the Charitable Fund "NEW FAMILY".

The Bank has traditionally been involved to the organizing the interesting and useful events that are addressed for people with disabilities, children of participants of the ATO and forced migrants, in particular, they set up a trip through the Transcarpathian tourist raisins, a trip to Budapest, etc.

The priority is the support of gifted children, youth and sports as well. Among them is the famous Uzhhorod fencer Anatoly Herey, who continues to surprise Transcarpathians with bright performances in the international sports arena.

"Good deeds will be updated, evil deeds will perish, Taras Shevchenko wrote, so, being merciful and open to the people seems to be not just an urgent need in our time, it is our credo and belief," - concludes Miroslav Hisem.

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