Corporate governance

Corporate governance


JSC «COMINVESTBANK» carries out corporate governance according to the current legislation of Ukraine.


Corporate governance structure of JSC «COMINVESTBANK»

  • Supervisory Board
  • Board of the Bank

    Assets and Liabilities Management Committee

    Tariff Committee

    Credit Committee

    Operational Risk Management Committee

    Information Security Management Committee

    Failed Asset Management Committee

    Committee on problematic issues that arise during complying the current legislation on financial monitoring requirements

    Budget Committee

  • The Bank's control bodies are:

    The Bank's Internal Audit Department, which is subject to the Supervisory Board and reports to the one, and it is also the operational control body of the Bank's Supervisory Board

    Banking Risks Department

    Internal Control and Compliance Department

Corporate governance Code of JSC «COMINVESTBANK»

Regulation on Internal Audit department of JSC «COMINVESTBANK»

Corporate etics code of JSC «COMINVESTBANK»

Matrix for assessing the collective suitability of candidates for membership of the Supervisory Board JSC «COMINVESBANK»

Report of the Supervisory Board of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» for 2018 (published 26/04/2019)

Report of the Supervisory Board of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» for 2019

Board Report of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» for 2020

Report of the Supervisory Board of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» for 2020

Information announcement of competitive selection for the post of the Independent member of the Supervisory Board of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» (outlining all the requirements of this position defined by the legislation of Ukraine)

Reviewing the rules and procedures as to both counteract the legalization of income received through criminal ways and identifying and studying the customers

JSC «COMINVESTBANK» (hereinafter – The Bank) invites audit firms to participate in a competition for the selection of auditing entities to provide the mandatory financial reporting audit services for the Bank (hereinafter – the Competition).

The audit firms that meet the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Audit of Financial Statements and Audit Activities" as well as included into the Register of Audit Firms and Auditors, in particular to the section named as "Audit Entities entitled to audit statutory financial statements of enterprises of public interest" are invited for taking part in the Competition.

The purpose of the Competiton is selecting by a competitive basis a proper audit firm for auditing the financial statements of COMINVESTBANK JSC.

Financial statements and other public information of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» is available online on the bank website in the section «About the bank», then in subsections: «General Information», «Bank Management», «Corporate Governance», «Ownership structure», «Licence», «Tenders», «Information disclosure», «Contacts and bank details», «Branches», «Internal documents», «Financial report», etc.

Additional information about the activities of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» may be provided if necessary and according to the request of the participant.

Detailed information about the competition terms can be found in the documents attached below.

Information message about the competition for the selection of auditing entities for the provision of mandatory financial audit services for JSC «COMINVESTBANK» for 2020-2021

Competition procedures for the selection of the external auditor

Annex 2. Audit firm information

Annex 3. Audit firm questionaire

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