To be not indifferent: Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK does not betray the principles of social responsibility.


The team of the Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK is next to its clients moreover 25 years, constantly trying for improving their lives, creating comfortable business conditions, satisfying the most demanding needs of a wide range of the financial services. But simultaneously improving the life quality of the society and communities, which we deal with, remains as the important aspect for the company's activities.

To be not indifferent: Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK does not betray the principles of social responsibility.

There are a lot of people around each of us who need assistance: children deprived of parental care, people with disabilities, elderly people. Unfortunately, other important areas of social life in our country, such as sports, culture, education, children and youth development, aren't bypassed by the financial problems.

That is why, COMINVESTBANK remains faithful to the principles of social responsibility and supports important social projects as much as possible. Considering that this is a regional bank, its main attention is concentrated on the native land – Transcarpathia.

Among the most widespread social projects are supporting the public organizations dealing with the problems of orphans, people with disabilities, persons suffered as the result of the ATO in the East, Chernobyl, etc.

Thus, the Transcarpathian Regional Center for social and labor rehabilitation and professional orientation "Vybir" ("Choice") has remained the social partner of the bank for many years. The organization has ambitious goals - integratating the persons with disabilities into society through work, assistance in overcoming psychological problems, searching a job, determining the choice of profession, providing legal advice, etc.

"It seems to be difficult for a healthy person to imagine how many problems arises for a person with a disability during an employment process - from transportating himself to the work place and ending with his psychophysical state. All of the ones drop onto his shoulders and often lead absence of the desire for working. Moreover, it is a pity that our society is quite inert for the problems of the persons with disabilities ", - says the Center's head, Vasylyna Marko.

For helping people with disabilities, the Center carries out a complex of activities, implements interesting projects and constantly monitors their rights and needs. COMINVESTBANK has been involved within constant cooperation for the organization this work sake as well.

"The centre's funding is extremely limited, so we have to look for any sponsorship funds for the costly measures. "It's nice that there are still patrons who aren't indifferent to the fate of the invalids. Among them are Myroslav Hisem and Yuri Zhurki. Together we managed to implement a lot of the important projects", says Mrs. Marko.

According to the interlocutor, currently the center is working on introducing the inclusive employment, implementing joint projects in cooperation with the US Peace Corps and creating a social taxi in Uzhhorod – due supporting from the COMINVESTBANK it was possible to get an agreement as to getting the proper car from abroad (for the Uzhgorod Invalids Association "Optimist", which is the founder of the Center "Vybir"), that is able for serving to the needs of persons with disabilities in Uzhhorod and around.

"We are confident that attentive attitude towards the least protected people ensures a worthy future for our society as a whole. We thank all our customers for their trust, because each of them is a direct participant in our charitable and social work! ", Yuriy Zhurki says.

By the way among the social partners of the bank are also the PA "Happy Children", the MSRC "Road of Life", PA "Transcarpathia without orphans", ARC of social and labor rehabilitation and professional orientation "Vybir", Charitable Fund "Alliance of PATRIOTS OF UKRAINE", TI FORTETSYA, CF "Everything is possible", NGO" PROTECTING CHILDREN FROM WAR ", Zakarpattia regional branch of the Ukrainian sports federation of the invalids and others.

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