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«First of all we keep our promises and these principles helped us in times of crisis», - says Myroslav Hisem, Head of the Board of the «COMINVESTBANK».


PRIVATE BANKING IN UKRAINE. COMINVESTBANK was founded when Ukraine gained its independence in the early 90s, and has provided a quality service ever since. Interview with Myroslav Hisem Head of the Board of the «COMINVESTBANK» to the London financial magazine «World Finance».

First of all, congratulations on your Best Private Bank, Ukraine 2012 award.

Thank you. This is, first and foremost, a recognition of the fact that COMINVESTBANK is moving in the right direction. We are always trying to reach our goals.



What inspired the decision to locate the company's head office in the Transcarpathian region, as opposed to Kiev?

Here it should be mentioned that Transcarpathia is one of the most geographically well-connected regions of Ukraine. It borders four EU states – Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Poland.
Transcarpathia is a multinational land (more than 30 nationalities) with all the uniqueness, character and mentality that comes with such a mixture. Industrious people who want to preserve their traditions and develop their region live there. We have been with them for 20 years already, because every business, even the smallest one, needs not only ideas, but financial support, too. We see no reason to move to the capital.

What are the principles and values you use in the banking business?

First of all we keep our promises. Straight dealing and fairness cost nothing. These principles helped us in times of crisis, and became the true stability test for the banking system of Ukraine. We survived thanks to belief, transparency, and the responsibility of our team of specialists.

What is COMINVESTBANK’s development strategy? What goals do you plan to reach?

Let us briefly come back to the uniqueness of our region. Our strategy comes across directly as the development of Transcarpathia continues. Under the conditions of reforming economic relations, the focus is on the development of priority branches of the economy – timber and processing timber, winemaking and agriculture, development of trans-border cooperation, recreation and tourism. Attention must be paid to involving and servicing home and foreign investments to the economy of the region, effective usage of the natural environment and the resource potential within it.
Nowadays, besides the Transcarpathian region, our bank is also represented in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. We are striving to continue moving in our present direction: increasing the client base and working to develop our banking services across the board.

What has been the basis of COMINVESTBANK's success, do you think?

The main goal for a bank is to earn the trust of its clients and partners, and to build a team of like-minded people who work toward the same goals. Nowadays, COMINVESTBANK has these things. We are open for cooperation and the implementation of new ideas, and try to build our relationships on mutually beneficial conditions, with respect to al parties involved.



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